Dallas McGlinn, MA, MSW, LCSW
Owner, Dallas M Counseling

Clinical Social Worker, Counselor, Administrator, Consultant, Writer, Blogger

I specialize in grief, anxiety, life change, goal-setting, finding and setting your boundaries, financial issues, depression, and caregiver support. I also have experience with faith, church and burnout issues. Treatment plans are developed according to each person’s needs, using evidence-based interventions such as cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, narrative therapy, and/or psychoanalysis.  

Currently seeing clients online. To make an appointment, send an email to dallasmcounseling@gmail.com with your telephone number and I will call you within 24 hours.

Available for direct pay. Sliding scale accepted in certain cases.  Monthly discounts also available.  Payments accepted via Venmo, Zelle and Paypal and must be submitted before the session begins. 

Counseling can be faith-based, clinical only, or a little bit of both. 

I love to share my life experiences and lessons I have learned with essays and blogs.  I hope you will find them useful and inspiring. They cover a number of topics related to life, faith, feelings, food, health, boundaries, grief, dreams, pet peeves, and other things.

I am an amateur photographer. The photos in the blogs and throughout this site were taken by me; it brings me joy to take them and it makes me happy to share them. 

I believe we can all do our part to create a peaceful and harmonious world by being kind and by trying our best to understand the people we encounter. Be curious. Have a spirit of wonder. Notice the small miracles in everyday life. Look for the good in others. Know the good within yourself.  

Peace and kindness to you,

Dallas McGlinn, MA (Master of Arts in Sociology), MSW (Master of Social Work), LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Work)