Our Attitude, Our Choice – Be the Difference!

It seems as though people are getting really angry lately.  We see it in our politics, in the way people drive, and in the way people talk about others. We see Facebook rants against people who we don’t even know and we’re supposed to re-post if we agree.     There is a place for anger, we all feel it at one time or another.  But let’s be careful how we use it.  If we carry our anger around with us in the name of morality or justice, we aren’t improving the world unless we channel our anger into productivity.  Are there reasons to be angry?  Yes. But anger doesn’t resolve an issue, positive action does.  Not action done in anger, but action done in love.

If poverty angers you, help to feed the hungry.

Serving together
Serving together

If someone else’s immorality bothers you, then be a shining example.  If injustice bothers you, work for justice in ways that will solve the problem.    Choose each day to focus on joy.

There are a lot of bad things happening in our world today, and we are reminded of them all day long.  Let’s change the things we can and pray about what we can’t. Instead of riling other people up, let’s try to ease their pain.  Sometimes all it takes to do this is a smile or a kind word.  A reminder that God is in control, not us, so let it go and be at peace.    Remember, this is a day God has made. It is good.  He is in control.  Choose the joy.

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