Patience, Grasshopper

It’s been one month since I received the shots in my neck.  I went through some pain and some other side effects, but so far so good. I was expecting results right away, so I didn’t listen to the doctor who said that 1) it will take 1-4 weeks for these shots to work and 2) the first series of injections may not work because the dosages are lower than the future injections will be.

My head is shaking less, but there are some difficulties. It is difficult to lean forward and hold my head up.  It was painful when cleaning my bathroom (darn, guess I can’t do that anymore) and when I eat in restaurants I notice that it is hard to lean over my plate and hold my head up and open my mouth.  It seems to not be an issue at home.

I have noticed that I can sit through meetings pretty well, although I still have to rest my head on my chin pretty often.  If I am stressed or tired, or if I’m working on my computer, I notice my head still shakes from time to time, but friends say they definitely notice a difference. I do think that I will be able to do counseling now without any distractions.  I have also successfully done some of my mindfulness exercises, and found it much easier to do than before.

So, things are looking up!!!!  I’m trying to be patient!!!! Not my strong suit!!!!!