Life is an Ongoing Process…

We either learn from our mistakes or we keep making them. We either suck on sour lemons, or we make lemonade. We either hate where we are or we seek a new place.  We can be smart or dumb. We can love or hate.  We can live by faith and hope, or just give up.  We can make good decisions or bad ones. We can overcome our bad decisions or continue to make worse ones. We can be stuck or move on.  Every day we are faced with choices, and we have the power to learn to make good ones.  We also suffer a lot of hurts, betrayals, grief and pain at times in our lives.  How we respond to those things is important.  These blogs are based on all of these life’s lessons, and I hope you will find them useful and applicable to your own situation in some way.

It’s all about love – love for people, for neighbors, for strangers, for community, for family, and – just as importantly – for ourselves.