Life is an ongoing process of successes and failures, gains and losses, and most importantly, learning…

Life is a series of events, good and bad, and how we respond to those events will usually count a lot towards how our futures will turn out.

Most of us have suffered a lot of hurts, betrayals, grief and pain at times in our lives.  The hope is that we will treat our setbacks as opportunities to learn and to grow.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in life, and darn it, I still keep making them! I’ve been hurt, betrayed, whipped, tied, slam dunked, you name it.  But I’ve also experienced love, joy and peace.

I am a person of faith, and my faith is important to me.  There are some references to scripture in the Spiritual sections, and if you find those comforting and enriching, that is great.  But there is something for everyone in what I write.

In these blogs I’m sharing my life experiences in hopes that things I have learned along the way will have value for others.  I love learning, and my life experience of being a high school dropout has turned into a life of education. So far I have earned three college degrees: one bachelor of arts, one master of arts and one master of social work. I failed to graduate from high school, but turned that around into a success. Which is something I think we can all do with life.  All of my degrees have revolved around the study of people, society and our world.  My degrees are in Sociology and Social Work, and I have also studied a lot of history and politics.  (A note on politics: I have tried to keep politics out of my writings, except in a very general sense.  If you do sense my political leanings, it’s not my intention.  I try to write about love and healing. I believe that the things I have written can be useful no matter where you are politically – at least I hope so).

Here is my latest blog, and some of the blogs that have gotten the most hits.  I hope that you enjoy them and will take something of value from them.  I write these blogs to sort out my thoughts and to figure things out. Sometimes you may not agree, sometimes you will.  I’m happy to hear your comments.  You can email me by clicking here.

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