Dallas McGlinn, MA, MSW, LMSW

Note: Currently I am working in Hospice. Many of our patients and caregivers have needs that go beyond the scope of what insurance covers and the resources we have.  Additionally, people who care for our patients sometimes need assistance.  If you would like to offer any of the following items to help people in their last stages of life, I have a list of needs below.  Helping patients and their families who are going through very difficult times is an extremely rewarding experience.  Often we don’t know what we can do or say to help – these are concrete things you can do.

We need Volunteers to sit with patients while caregivers run errands or take a small break. Volunteers can also assist with household tasks or yard maintenance.

We can use donations of:

Boost/Ensure liquid meals (all flavors)

Large twin sheet sets for hospital beds

Hospital Gowns

Adult pull-ups (we provide diapers but some prefer pullups, which are not covered)

Canned or ready to eat meals, such as canned soup (low sodium or regular) – nonperishable 

Bath towels that are dark in color

If you would like to help, email us and we can arrange for pickup/delivery.  If you decide to volunteer, some training and background checks are required. We will handle those things and make it easy on you!

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