Life is an ongoing process of successes and failures, gains and losses, and most importantly, learning…

Life is a series of events, good and bad, and how we respond to those events is usually our own choice. We can either suck on sour lemons, or make lemonade. We can love or hate.  We can forgive or hold a grudge. We can live by faith and hope, or just give up.  We can make good decisions or bad ones. We can change bad decisions or not. We can be stuck or move on.  Every day we are faced with choices, and we have the power to learn to make good ones.

Most of us have suffered a lot of hurts, betrayals, grief and pain at times in our lives.  How we respond to those things is important. The trick is to treat our setbacks as opportunities to learn and to grow.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in life, and darn it, I still keep making them!

Education is important in all forms.  This is why why I designed the website as a mini University.  You don’t need a lot of master’s degrees to be smart.  You can learn from the school of hard knocks for simply from observing life. I have learned a lot from both of those things.  But I love school too. After missing out of high school because I dropped out, I went on to night school to achieve a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of New Orleans. Then I returned and earned a Master of Arts in Sociology. I went to the seminary for awhile to study Urban Missions.  My most recent Master’s Degree is in Social Work from Tulane University.

Education is one element towards learning how we can improve our world and ourselves.  It is to be used for good.  Education should increase our ability to love, to serve, to help others, to improve our community, and to find wisdom, joy and peace.  These articles, blogs and references are things learned along the way, a life education being shared in the spirit of love. Take whatever you can from it, add your own unique wisdom, and pass it on to others.