About Us

About me: I love helping people who are hurting, and in my experiences of doing community outreach, I have learned a lot about people and how we relate.  I dropped out of high school, but went back to school to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Sociology. Then I got a master’s degree in Sociology.  And then went on to earn my Master’s in Social Work.  I am a licensed social worker, counselor, writer, photographer, business owner, business consultant, community activist and servant.  As an observer of the human experience, I see things from a unique perspective.  I hope that some of the lessons I have learned from my successes, but more importantly, from my mistakes and failures, will prove to be useful to others.

As a writer, I use the credentials that I have earned, combined with my human experiences, my mistakes,  hopes, frailties, and at times my knowledge, in the hopes that people will identify with what I write and gain some kind of insight that they can use for their own lives.

I write because it is the easiest way for me to communicate, and I want to talk to and connect with people.

Whatever I do, whatever I write, I hope that people will know that, to me, it’s all about love for humanity, for ourselves and for our neighbors!


Dallas McGlinn, MA, LCSW

Clinical Social Worker/Counselor/Compliance Specialist/Administrator/Consultant/Writer/Blogger, and Community Activist