About Us


About me: I am a person who loves to learn.  I love helping people who are hurting, and in my experiences of doing community outreach, I have learned a lot about people and how we relate.  I dropped out of high school, but went back to school to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Sociology. Then I got a master’s degree in Sociology.  And I just earned my Master’s in Social Work.  I am a licensed social worker, counselor, writer, photographer, business owner, business consultant, writer, blogger, photographer and servant.  I am also a lover of Jesus. As an observer of the human experience, I see things from a unique perspective.  I hope that some of the lessons I have learned from my successes, but more importantly, from my mistakes and failures, will prove to be useful to others.

Currently I am working as a Social Worker/Counselor/Administrator at Counseling Specialists LLC.  If you are interested in counseling, please go to www.counselingspecialistsllc.com and we will be glad to help.

Some history:  In 2010, Gathering Magazine was reborn.  In its past life, it was a Christian magazine founded by a friend of Dallas’ named Vivian Dugas.  The magazine had been shelved, and Dallas received Vivian’s blessing to republish Gathering Magazine with a unique mission. The Mission of Gathering was to improve our community by encouraging others to serve. But, people cannot serve without information, so our mission was to spotlight nonprofits in the community to show others what is being done and how they can help, either by donating, volunteering, attending fundraisers and galas, or by finding gaps in services and starting their own nonprofits. However, our vision kept widening, and I felt motivated to continue writing biblical devotionals and inspirational and motivational articles.  As these articles have accumulated, it was time to organize them in one place under this website and to narrow down the mission and vision of Gathering Magazine to its original focus of community service and nonprofits.  If you would like to read the articles on Gathering Magazine, you can find them at www.gatheringmagazine.com.  We look forward to visiting and providing information about different nonprofits and what they do in the very near future. In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy these devotionals on www.dallasmcglinn.com.

Remember, it’s all about love!


Dallas McGlinn, MA, LMSW

Publisher, Gathering Magazine and www.dallasmcglinn.com, Social Worker/Counselor/Administrator at Counseling Specialists LLC